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Daily Archives: June 10, 2024

What is masked email?

PC World: “Online security used to be simple. All you needed was a good password, and in the early days, you didn’t need a ton of numbers, letters, and special characters to achieve that goal. No need for antivirus software to verify you were logging into legitimate sites, either. Privacy also wasn’t quite as fragile as it is today. Your email wasn’t constantly being lost to yet another data breach. But as hackers and criminals get more sophisticated, so have recommendations for best security practices. Currently experts recommend the use of unique, random passwords (and the more characters, the better), plus two-factor authentication as a strong baseline. But you can go further—and companies on the frontlines of cybersecurity are trying to make that easier. One such step is called masked email. (You may also hear it referred to as email masks or email masking.) It formalizes a long-available feature known as email aliases as a privacy and security measure. A randomized email address is created to hide (aka mask) your true email address for an online account. Any correspondence sent to the masked email address gets forwarded to your actual inbox. The sender doesn’t know about the email’s final destination. They’ll only find out if you accidentally reply to a message as your main account. The benefits are twofold. You get better privacy, because the more you use different masked email addresses (ideally, one per online account), the more you limit the potential fallout of the information leaking in a data breach. That email address won’t work on other websites as a login ID or for a password reset. Nor can someone take over the address like with an actual account. It’s just a forwarding address, and a disposable one at that…”

Google Green Light

“Green Light optimizes traffic lights to reduce vehicle emissions in cities, helping mitigate climate change and improving urban mobility Road transportation is responsible for a significant amount of global and urban greenhouse gas emissions. It is especially problematic at city intersections where pollution can be 29 times higher than on open roads.  At intersections, half… Continue Reading

States are already collecting more abortion data. And HIPAA won’t always keep it private.

Nebraska Examiner: “Years before the Dobbs decision, providers like Dr. Kylie Cooper were already uncomfortable with some of the reporting requirements for abortion procedures in states where they practiced. Cooper was a maternal-fetal medicine specialist for several years in Idaho before she reluctantly left the state in 2023 because of the near-total abortion ban that… Continue Reading

Detectives welcome on historic quest to rediscover the Lost Library of Books

Wiener Library teams up with Leo Baeck Institute to search for collection of 60,000 precious books looted by Nazis from The Higher Institute for Jewish Studies in Berlin –  Jewish News: Detectives welcome on historic quest to rediscover the Lost Library of Books. “The new pop-up exhibition at the Wiener Library reveals the complex journeys… Continue Reading

Picasso Museum opens vast online archive

“The Musée Picasso-Paris collection comprises over 5,000 works and tens of thousands of archived pieces. For its quality and scope as well as the range of art forms it encompasses, this collection is the only one in the world to present both Picasso’s complete painted, sculpted, engraved and illustrated œuvre and a precise record—through sketches,… Continue Reading

AI Now

Perkins, Rachelle Holmes, AI Now (May 24, 2024). Temple Law Review,Vol. 97, Forthcoming, George Mason Legal Studies Research Paper No. LS 24-14, Available at SSRN: or “Legal scholars have made important explorations into the opportunities and challenges of generative artificial intelligence within legal education and the practice of law. This Article adds to… Continue Reading

Legal Research in the NextGen Era

Drake, Alyson and Watson, Amanda, Legal Research in the NextGen Era (May 1, 2024). U of Houston Law Center Forthcoming, Buffalo Law Review Forthcoming, Available at SSRN: “The NextGen Bar’s content scope areas have centered legal research as an analysis and strategy-focused discipline. This has provided an important opportunity for legal research instructors to… Continue Reading

Law Firms Start Training Summer Associates on Using Generative AI

Bloomberg Law: “Some Big Law firms are now making summer associates learn the ins and outs of generative AI as they begin integrating what’s considered to be a game-changing technology for the profession. K&L Gates, Dechert, and Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe have incorporated training on the technology for this year’s class of summer associates, teaching… Continue Reading

Long-Term Health Effects of COVID-19

National Academies: Disability and Function Following SARS-CoV-2 Infection (2024) – “Since the onset of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic in early 2020, many individuals infected with the virus that causes COVID-19, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), have continued to experience lingering symptoms for months or even years following infection. Some symptoms can… Continue Reading

Legal Definitions: A Research Guide for Congressional Staff

CRS – Legal Definitions: A Research Guide for Congressional Staff Updated June 6, 2024; ‘This report is designed to introduce congressional staff to examples of legal and nonlegal sources, including statutes, legislation, and dictionaries, for researching legal definitions. It includes governmental sources, such as the United States Code (U.S. Code), the Code of Federal Regulations… Continue Reading