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Daily Archives: January 5, 2023

The Opt Out: When it comes to privacy, smart devices are not the smarter choice

Popular Science: “The technology in modern home appliances has breathed new life (and plausibility) into the old saying “If these walls could talk.” Your fridge and smart speaker may not have mouths, but they have an internet connection, and that can be more dangerous than the sharpest of tongues. …Tech companies and manufacturers have made it seem like privacy is just a matter of digging into your device’s settings and disabling cameras and microphones. But after years of data breaches and high-profile reports of secret recordings, maybe you don’t trust that approach and are looking for analog solutions that neutralize the hardware rather than the software.

…So when it comes to spying gadgets, the true wildcards are devices hooked up to the Internet of Things (IoT): smart fridges, washers, dryers, bulbs, and thermostats. For the past decade, people have been welcoming these gadgets into their homes, often not realizing that their data may be poorly protected or that malicious actors may be able to take control of the device itself. Even those who know about the potential security risks have reported difficulties finding specific information about them.”

The Supply and Demand of Legal Help on the Internet

Hagan, Margaret, The Supply and Demand of Legal Help on the Internet (October 17, 2022). Margaret D. Hagan “The Supply and Demand of Legal Help on the Internet,” Legal Tech and the Future of Civil Justice, edited by David Freeman Engstrom. Cambridge University Press, Forthcoming., Available at SSRN: “Faith in technology as a way… Continue Reading

Top AI conference bans use of ChatGPT and AI language tools to write academic papers

Follow up to previous post – NYC education department blocks ChatGPT on school devices, networks – via The Verge: “One of the world’s most prestigious machine learning conferences has banned authors from using AI tools like ChatGPT to write scientific papers, triggering a debate about the role of AI-generated text in academia. The International Conference… Continue Reading

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, in talks for tender offer

MarketWatch: “Artificial-intelligence research company OpenAI is in discussions over potentially selling at least $300 million in shares in a tender offer that would give it a roughly $29 billion valuation, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. The offering of shares of OpenAI — known for AI programs like the chatbot ChatGPT and the image-generator Dall-E… Continue Reading

A Guide To Getting Data Visualization Right

Smashing Magazine: “Data visualizations are everywhere; from the news to the nutritional info on cereal boxes, we’re constantly being presented with graphical representations of data. Why? Data visualization is a method of communication. Using the right type can help you quickly convey nuanced information to your audience in a visually appealing way. However, the diversity… Continue Reading

How Twitter misleads us about how many people have left and what to do about it

Dr. J. Nathan Matias – Medium: “Why are so many people staying on Twitter, even after the company gutted its child safety team, struggled with information security problems, violated user privacy for political ends, and brought nazis back to the platform? To outside observers, it can seem like Twitter users are continuing as before, seemingly… Continue Reading