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Daily Archives: August 14, 2022

Google Images on the web now uses Google Lens

9to5 Google: “After being integrated across Android and the Chrome browser, Google Lens is now the main visual search experience on the desktop Google Images website. Visiting on the desktop web now shows Google Lens in-between voice and regular search. Replacing the previous gray camera icon, tapping launches a redesigned way to initiate a visual search that makes use of Lens. Featuring rounded corners, you can drag an image into the box or open your computer’s file picker. You can also paste the URL of a picture to initiate a Google Lens query that launches on, which allows you to refine the search area and access Text (OCR) or Translate tools.”

The Carbon Cycle: Key Component of the Climate System, with Implications for Policy

CRS Report – The Carbon Cycle: Key Component of the Climate System, with Implications for Policy, August 10, 2022: “Large quantities of carbon are actively exchanged between the atmosphere and the other carbon storage pools, including the oceans, vegetation, and soils on the land surface. The exchange, or flux, of carbon among the atmosphere, oceans,… Continue Reading

The Protection of Classified Information: The Legal Framework

CRS Report – The Protection of Classified Information: The Legal Framework, August 12, 2022: “This report provides an overview of the relationship between executive and legislative authority over national security information. It summarizes the current laws that form the legal framework protecting classified information, including current executive orders and some agency regulations pertaining to the… Continue Reading

Climate Liability Suits: Is There a Path to Federal Court?

CRS Legal Sidebar – Climate Liability Suits: Is There a Path to Federal Court? August 12, 2022: “Many of the most prominent court cases related to climate change in recent years have been decided by federal courts, including the Supreme Court, based on federal law. A growing number of cases,however, allege state-law claims against fossil… Continue Reading

These are the Tools Open Source Researchers Say They Need

bellingcat: “What type of tools do you need? That’s what we asked back in February when we circulated a survey among open source researchers about their use of online tools when conducting online research. That can mean anything from a simple search engine accessed through a browser to an intricate, custom built scraper for which… Continue Reading

America’s polarization – the impact of cable news

Via LLRX – Don’t be too quick to blame social media for America’s polarization – cable news has a bigger effect, study finds: Homa Hosseinmardi and a group of researchers from Stanford University, the University of Pennsylvania and Microsoft Research tracked the TV news consumption habits of tens of thousands of American adults each month… Continue Reading

Presidential Power to Declassify Information, Explained

The New York Times – “While it is legally irrelevant, former President Donald J. Trump claims he had declassified the top secret files the F.B.I. seized at his Florida residence. Former President Donald Trump’s claim that he had declassified all of the documents that the FBI seized in the search of his Florida home last… Continue Reading

Technology alone won’t solve your organizational challenges

strategy+business – Master the fundamentals of organizational performance before you deploy fancy tools that may magnify dysfunction “….I have never encountered an organization without teams. Some see them as a cure-all. Yet, a recent Harvard Business Review article by organizational psychologist Constance Noonan Hadley and organizational behavior professor Mark Mortensen points out the historically poor… Continue Reading

More dangerous heat waves are on the way: See the impact by Zip code

Washington Post: “…Across much of the United States, millions of people are expected to experience extreme temperatures more frequently and for longer periods of time — a threat that will grow as climate change worsens. The new data, released Monday by the nonprofit First Street Foundation, calculates the heat risk facing each property in the… Continue Reading