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Daily Archives: July 7, 2021

YouTube Algorithm Recommends Videos that Violate the Platform’s Very Own Policies

Mozilla Investigation: “YouTube’s controversial algorithm is recommending videos considered disturbing and hateful that often violate the platform’s very own content policies, according to a 10-month long, crowdsourced investigation released today by Mozilla. The in-depth study also found that people in non-English speaking countries are far more likely to encounter videos they considered disturbing. Mozilla conducted this research using RegretsReporter, an open-source browser extension that converted thousands of YouTube users into YouTube watchdogs. People voluntarily donated their data, providing researchers access to a pool of YouTube’s tightly-held recommendation data. The research is the largest-ever crowdsourced investigation into YouTube’s algorithm…”

A Low Carbon Fuel Standard: In Brief

CRS: A Low Carbon Fuel Standard: In Brief July 7, 2021: “One policy option Congress may examine is a low carbon fuel standard (LCFS). An LCFS is a policy that requires transportation fuels to meet a certain energy-related GHG target (e.g., a specific carbon intensity) within a specified jurisdiction and time frame. Some states have… Continue Reading

How to set up a Wi-Fi extender

PC World: “A Wi-Fi extender is a gadget that sucks in Wi-Fi signal, then spits it back out on the same network name and frequency. Think of it as a radio repeater, because that’s essentially what it is. It’s a relatively easy and inexpensive way to extend your network into those hard-to-reach spots in your… Continue Reading

Privacy Design Strategies and the GDPR: A Systematic Literature Review

Saltarella M., Desolda G., Lanzilotti R. (2021) Privacy Design Strategies and the GDPR: A Systematic Literature Review. In: Moallem A. (eds) HCI for Cybersecurity, Privacy and Trust. HCII 2021. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 12788. Springer, Cham. “Article 25 of the GDPR states that data collection, processing and management measures should be implemented… Continue Reading

Oldest book of English literature in the world available to browse online for the first time

University of Exeter: “One of the oldest books of English literature in the world – created more than 1,000 years ago – is now available for anyone to browse online for the first time. The Exeter Book is one of the four most significant verse manuscripts to survive from the Anglo-Saxon period and contains the… Continue Reading

Monthly Treasury Statement (MTS)

“The Monthly Treasury Statement (MTS) dataset provides information on the flow of money into and out of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. It includes how deficits are funded, such as borrowing from the public or reducing operating cash, and how surpluses are distributed. Further tables categorize spending (outlays) by department and agency, revenue (receipts)… Continue Reading

Event Highlights and Action Items: 25 Solutions From The Social Media Summit @ MIT

“On April 22, 2021, the IDE hosted The Social Media Summit @ MIT (#SMSMIT), which attracted more than 20,000 virtual attendees to learn about the most-pressing topics of the day. The event brought together business, policy, and academic experts to discuss social media trends and to offer actionable solutions that—as moderator Sinan Aral pointed out—can help “steer us… Continue Reading

Online Gender Based Violence and Abuse

Report by the Tech Policy Lab / Online Gender Based Violence and Abuse Outcomes and Recommendations – “Help us end gender-based abuse online. As part of the Web Foundation’s commitment to tackle digital inequality, the Web Foundation’s Gender and Data Rights team has created a dedicated workstream focused on developing solutions to online gender-based violence… Continue Reading