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Daily Archives: August 26, 2019

Green Files 2019 – 2020

Via LLRXGreen Files 2019 – 2020 – This guide by Marcus Zillman includes a range of links to green and eco sources that are sponsored by technical, government, small businesses, the products and services sectors, advocacy groups, and also includes topical journals, search engines and aggregated reference resources.

New laws give victims more time to report rape or sexual assault – even Jeffrey Epstein’s

Via LLRX – New laws give victims more time to report rape or sexual assault – even Jeffrey Epstein’s – Jane E. Palmer is a scholar of gender-based violence currently studying the legal needs of survivors of sexual assault. In this article Palmer examines why someone might wait decades to report a sexual assault, why… Continue Reading

What to Do with All This Broken Stuff? Cities Aim to Help People Fix It

Route Fifty – “…Across the country, municipalities are helping residents repair mendable belongings, keep material out of landfills and save money… Also known as repair cafés, fix-it clinics have gained popularity in recent years as a way for local governments to encourage residents to reduce, reuse and recycle. It can also help them save money,… Continue Reading

Security 101: A Physical and Cybersecurity Primer for Transportation Agencies

National Academies: “Since 2009, when NCHRP’s last Security 101 report was released, there have been significant advances in transportation security approaches, including new strategies, programs, and ways of doing business that have increased the security of transportation systems as well as ensured their resiliency. Hazards and threats to the system have also continued to evolve… Continue Reading

Washington, D.C. has the highest rate of hate crimes per capita of any major city in U.S

Washington Post: “…The Post examined all 204 incidents investigated by police as hate crimes [in 2018], interviewing two dozen victims and a handful of suspects. What emerged was a portrait of pervasive bigotry and violence: gay men and women assaulted on the street, transgender people threatened by strangers, African Americans taunted with slurs, Muslims harassed… Continue Reading

Bird Twitter Is My Oasis in Internet Hell

Gizmodo: “Browsing the internet generally feels exhausting for me. Mostly, it’s because everything is bad. The websites I once visited for “fun” are now saturated with reminders of society’s collapse, brands making painful jokes, lies, outrage, and actual Nazis. I only visit these websites out of habit and poor impulse control. But I’ve recently joined… Continue Reading

Survival of the Friendliest

Nautilus: “…Evolutionary progress can be propelled both by the competitive struggle to adapt to an environment, and by the relaxation of selective forces. When natural selection on an organism is relaxed, the creative powers of mutation can be unshackled and evolution accelerated. The relief of an easier life can inspire new biological forms just as… Continue Reading