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Daily Archives: June 19, 2019

Understanding the Gender Wage Gap in the Legal Profession

“According to a study published on PayScale, legal occupations see some of the highest wage gaps not controlled by education or experience, some as high as 38.6 percent. While this looks and sounds like a catastrophic gap that may never close, there are some noticeable caveats to that statistic. First, while there are more women working in legal professions than men (at 68 percent), men dominate the higher-paying and higher-ranking legal jobs. In addition, this statistic includes legal support workers, such as paralegals and secretaries, which would give the statistics a certain skew, because these lower-status jobs are more likely to be filled by women. The wage gap in the legal industry, however, is a very real thing for women to consider. Here are the highlights concerning the wage gap among lawyers…”

New York Enacts One of the Most Aggressive Climate Bills in the U.S.

New York Assembly Passes Climate Leadership And Community Protection Act – “Legislation sets the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 85 percent by 2050, and having net zero emissions in all sectors of the economy. Speaker Carl Heastie and Environmental Conservation Committee Chair Steve Englebright today announced Assembly passage of the Climate Leadership and Community… Continue Reading

Law Libraries Embracing AI

Craigle, Valeri, Law Libraries Embracing AI (2019). Law Librarianship in the Age of AI, (Ellyssa Valenti, Ed.), 2019, Forthcoming; University of Utah College of Law Research Paper . Available at SSRN: or “The utilization of AI provides insights for legal clients, future-proofs careers for attorneys and law librarians, and elevates the status of… Continue Reading

Microsoft 365 for Campaigns launched, aims to keep political campaigns secure

Neowin – “Today, Microsoft has launched a new service, Microsoft 365 for Campaigns. It will be focussed toward providing a secure platform for political parties to build their campaign upon. Currently, it is only available to federal political campaigns and national-level political parties in the U.S. The service was first announced in May at Microsoft’s… Continue Reading

Public Highly Critical of State of Political Discourse in the U.S.

Pew – Reactions to Trump’s rhetoric: Concern, confusion, embarrassment – “The public renders a harsh judgment on the state of political discourse in this country. And for many Americans, their own conversations about politics have become stressful experiences that they prefer to avoid. Large majorities say the tone and nature of political debate in the… Continue Reading

How a Universal Contract Language Puts Lawyers In Control

Artificial Lawyer – “The adoption of innovative contract pre-screening technology offers transformative opportunities to law firms and general counsel alike. In today’s climate, the information tools a business adopts are intrinsically linked with its success. Only by demonstrating their use of the most powerful technology can managers expect to: Attract and retain top talent Offer… Continue Reading

Virtuous and Vicious Circles in the Data Life-cycle

information research – vol. 24 no. 2, June, 2019 – Virtuous and vicious circles in the data life-cycle. Elizabeth Yakel, Ixchel M. Faniel, and Zachary J. Maiorana. “In this article published in the journal Information Research, the authors present an in-depth case study that follows collaborative data sharing, curation, and reuse practices among 11 zooarchaeologists… Continue Reading