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Daily Archives: February 1, 2018

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and the Law

The Path to Cryptomania – Bitcoin and Beyond by Daniel Martin Katz. Posted on February 1, 2018. Computational Legal Studies. “These materials will review the factors leading up to Bitcoin and other follow on Crypto offerings. We consider whether the massive increase in crypto related investments could simply be (yet) another asset bubble. However, this might also be a fundamental technological transformation? Only time will tell.”

Social Security Retirement Estimator

“How the Retirement Estimator Works – The Retirement Estimator gives estimates based on your actual Social Security earnings record. Please keep in mind that these are just estimates. We can’t provide your actual benefit amount until you apply for benefits. And that amount may differ from the estimates provided because: Your earnings may increase or… Continue Reading

SSA – Your Retirement Checklist

“At Social Security, we’re often asked, “What’s the best age to start receiving retirement benefits?” The answer is that there isn’t a “best”age that applies to everyone. It’s a personal decision based on your situation and, ultimately, it’s your choice. To help you make an informed choice, consider the factors below as you think about… Continue Reading

Global and Regional Trends in Women’s Legal Protection Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Harassment

World Bank – “More than one billion women lack legal protection against domestic sexual violence, says new research from the World Bank. The study, Global and Regional Trends in Women’s Legal Protection Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Harassment, also found that close to 1.4 billion women lack legal protection against domestic economic violence. Economic abuse… Continue Reading

How to tell if you have fake Twitter followers (and how to remove them)

Poynter: “Spotting fake Twitter uses is generally fairly easy, though fakers have gotten better at it over time. Tools like TwitterAudit can automatically scan your followers, revealing the number of fake followers (for free) and allowing you to delete and block them (for $5 a month). Use Luca Hammer’s Account Analysis tool to look at accounts… Continue Reading

ProgrammableWeb’s Most Interesting APIs in 2017: Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Education

“We continue our look at some of 2017’s most interesting APIs by looking at those from Education, Music, News Services, Movies, eSports, TV, Games, Science, Food, Travel, and other Entertainment subjects.” Examples include: LBRY is a Blockchain -based API for discovering, distributing, and purchasing data. With the LBRY API, anyone may publish a piece of… Continue Reading

Artificial Intelligence for Health and Health Care

Steven Aftergood, Secrecy News: “JASON: Artificial Intelligence for Health Care – The field of artificial intelligence is habitually susceptible to exaggerated claims and expectations. But when it comes to new applications in health care, some of those claims may prove to be valid, says a new report from the JASON scientific advisory panel. “Overall, JASON… Continue Reading

America’s Most and Least Popular Governors Q4 2017 Rankings

Morning Consult: “Most of the governors running for re-election this year ended 2017 in a strong position, according to Morning Consult’s Governor Approval Rankings. The latest installment of the quarterly rankings — based on surveys with 253,393 registered voters nationwide conducted online from Oct. 1 through Dec. 31 — shows 10 of the 19 governors… Continue Reading

The Rising Importance of Soft Skills

Conversable Economist: “What skills are most important for an employee to succeed at Google? Back in 2013, the company undertook Project Oxygen to answer that question.  Cathy N. Davidson described the result in the Washington Post last month (“The surprising thing Google learned about its employees — and what it means for today’s students,” December… Continue Reading