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Daily Archives: October 18, 2017

National Archives warned Trump White House to preserve documents

Politico – Josh Dawsey and Bryan Bender, 10/17/2017: “National Archives officials have periodically warned White House lawyers that the Trump administration needs to follow document preservation laws, according to people familiar with the conversations and emails reviewed by POLITICO. The White House legally must preserve all presidential records, which are given to the National Archives after the president leaves office and are used for historical records. The documents that must be preserved include written memos, emails, speeches, record logs and more. But National Archives officials have told the White House counsel’s office they were concerned that wasn’t happening, particularly early in the administration, officials with knowledge of the discussions said. Conversations have included John Laster and Gary Stern, two National Archives officials, and the White House counsel’s office. After those conversations, White House officials assured National Archives staff that employees in President Donald Trump’s administration were being reminded of the rules, according to documents reviewed by POLITICO. The documents were provided by the National Archives after POLITICO requested copies of communications with the White House…”

A Matter of Space: Designing newsrooms for new digital practice

“…This​ ​paper,​ ​part​ ​of​ ​the​ ​American​ ​Press​ ​Institute’s​ ​​series​ ​of Strategy​ ​Studies​,​ ​is​ ​based​ ​on​ some 20 ​interviews​ ​with newsroom​ ​leaders​ ​and​ ​staff,​ ​site​ ​visits​, ​and​ ​reviews​ ​of​ ​research from​ ​leading​ ​architectural​ ​firms.​ It​ ​describes how a workplace redesign can express the unique culture and personality of a news organization. It tells the stories of… Continue Reading

Review of 5 free image compression tools

Search Engine Land, Tom Demers: “…As Kristine Schachinger points out in her excellent article on image optimization, resizing and compressing images can often be the easiest and highest-impact action for speeding up pages on your site. Schachinger does a great job of outlining image compression and resizing best practices, but once you know which images need… Continue Reading

Book Review – Stalin, Hitler and the Temptations of Totalitarianism

Strobe Talbott, The New York Times, October 18, 2017: “A hundred years ago, a malignant form of governance, both modern and barbaric, slouched towards St. Petersburg to be born. As it grew, it swept across Eurasia, enveloping the largest territorial state on the planet and cloning itself elsewhere. As the decades passed, the monstrosity was… Continue Reading

NIH emails reveal divisions over renewal of gun research program

Science: “For weeks, questions have swirled around the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s (NIH’s) decision to shelve a firearms research program that was launched at the urging of former President Barack Obama’s administration after 20 children and six educators were gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, late in 2012. Among other… Continue Reading

Consumer Protection Principles: Consumer-authorized financial data sharing and aggregation

CFPB Outlines Principles For Consumer-Authorized Financial Data Sharing and Aggregation – Bureau Seeks to Ensure a Workable Data Aggregation Market That Gives Consumers Protection and Value See also: “Consumer-authorized access and use of consumer financial account data may enable the development of innovative and improved financial products and services, increase competition in financial markets, and… Continue Reading