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Daily Archives: April 11, 2017

Morning Consult survey ranking America’s most and least popular governors and senators

America’s Most Unpopular and Popular Governor – More than 85,000 registered voters across America evaluated the job performance of their governors from from January 2017 through March 2017 to determine the latest rankings – (Full Methodology)

90 Active Blogs on Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, Data Science, Machine Learning

Thuy T. Pham, U. of Sydney. “This post updates a previous very popular post 100 Active Blogs on Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, Data Science, Machine Learning as of March 2016 (and 90+ blogs, 2015 version). This year we removed 26 blog sites from the previous list that does not meet our active criterion: at… Continue Reading

Federal Tax Returns: Latest Rankings by County, State and More

“For many years, the county with the highest adjusted gross income per federal tax return payer was found in glossy locations such as Teton County, Wyoming, Fairfield County, Connecticut and New York Country, N.Y. But for the latest available tax year – returns filed during 2015 — the top ranking county in the nation according… Continue Reading

Justice, Interrupted: The Effect of Gender, Ideology and Seniority at Supreme Court Oral Arguments

Jacobi, Tonja and Schweers, Dylan, Justice, Interrupted: The Effect of Gender, Ideology and Seniority at Supreme Court Oral Arguments (March 14, 2017). Virginia Law Review, Forthcoming; Northwestern Law & Econ Research Paper No. 17-03. Available at SSRN: “Oral arguments at the Supreme Court are important—they affect case outcomes and constitute the only opportunity for… Continue Reading

IMF World Economic Outlook, April 2017

World Economic Outlook 2017 – “Emerging market and developing economies have become increasingly important in the global economy in recent years. They now account for more than 75 percent of global growth in output and consumption, almost double the share of just two decades ago. The external environment has been important for this transformation. Terms… Continue Reading

The 2017 Long-Term Budget Outlook

CBO – “At 77 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), federal debt held by the public is now at its highest level since shortly after World War II. If current laws generally remained unchanged, the Congressional Budget Office projects, growing budget deficits would boost that debt sharply over the next 30 years; it would reach… Continue Reading

Structured Management Practices at U.S. Manufacturing Establishments

“Manufacturing establishments in the South and Midwest utilize more structured management practices than their counterparts in the Northeast and West, according to new results from the U.S. Census Bureau’s Management and Organizational Practices Survey. Structured management practices in the South and Midwest received the highest scores of 0.568 and 0.556, respectively. The West followed with… Continue Reading

SFGate – Who’s making Trader Joe’s food?

Shoppers at Trader Joe’s believe that certain products they purchase are manufactured by companies whose brands are well known and more expensive than those sold under the TJ brand. This article includes a video of taste tests that seek to determine the facts. Continue Reading

Politico – White House staff financial disclosures

“Details of the personal finances of many Trump White House officials went public on Friday, revealing the investments, previous salary and organizational ties of those entering government service. The White House began releasing the personal financial disclosure forms upon request through the White House web site. Officials stressed that the forms were likely to be… Continue Reading

Maryland Bans Fracking!

Potomac River Keepers – “The Maryland General Assembly passed a statewide fracking ban bill, HB 1325, with veto-proof majorities. Maryland is the third state to ban fracking, but the first state with gas reserves to pass a ban through the legislature. This victory was due to the massive statewide and people-powered grassroots campaign organized by the Don’t… Continue Reading