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Your next job interview could be judged by AI. Here’s how to prepare.

Washington Post: “Some employers are using AI to assess video interviews candidates do on their own time without a human on the other side. Depending on the software, the AI can evaluate a candidate’s communication skills, problem-solving skills, initiative, professionalism and attitude. And ultimately, the AI screening could eliminate you before you ever speak to a human. Here’s how these AI interviews typically work: Candidates are presented questions, either in text or from a recording created by the employer or software company, one at a t ime. The system records their video responses, often giving them a time limit, usually from one to a few minutes. Some employers allow candidates to rerecord some answers. When the interview is submitted, the AI takes over, analyzing the video for specific skills or traits and providing scores and insights to employers. Candidates are usually told that AI will be used to assess their interview..”

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