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Restor is a science-based open data platform to support and connect the global restoration movement. 74,400 sites and counting. Restor is accelerating the global restoration movement by connecting everyone, everywhere to local restoration. Restor connects people to scientific data, supply chains, funding, and each other to increase the impact, scale, and sustainability of restoration efforts. We believe that anyone can be a restoration champion, including you…With the right data, along with full transparency, local restoration projects can now connect to an ever-growing network of restoration action. Restoration takes many forms, from the protection of land so that vegetation can flourish to holistic soil management to agroforestry to tree planting to wetlands protection, and others. It is also practiced in many ways, whether through indigenous cosmologies, as a part of regenerative agriculture, within supply chains, or via backyard experiments. Regardless of whether we are currently practicing restoration, we all have a ‘land footprint’ that extends beyond our carbon emissions to our impacts on soil, biodiversity, and natural systems. It is our goal to make it possible for us all to understand that land footprint and the decisions associated with it. Through this process we aim to foster understanding, and action to regenerate what has been degraded, and to make that will benefit natural ecosystems. Every one of us can make a difference, one decision at a time…”

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