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WHO Study – Overworking Is a Major Killer Worldwide

Gizmodo: “Working too long is a major contributor to early death across the globe, according to new research from the World Health Organization. The study, based on data from nearly 200 countries, estimates that over 700,000 people died in 2016 from heart disease and stroke linked to long working hours. Around half a billion people worldwide regularly worked longer than they should have in 2016, according to the new report. The link between poor health and working too long is well-established, particularly for cardiovascular disease. Overworking can cause chronic stress, which can affect the body—particularly our heart and cardiovascular system—and lead to other behaviors, like not getting enough sleep or exercise, that further compound someone’s risk of illness. This new research is a collaboration between the WHO and the United Nations’ International Labour Organization. The findings, published in Environment International on Monday, are said to be the first of their kind to try estimating the global burden of injury and death attributable to long working hours. To come up with their estimates, the authors relied on data from thousands of surveys and studies conducted in 196 countries…”

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