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When do your employees need to disclose their use of ChatGPT?

HR Brew: “…As ChatGPT and other generative AI technologies provide a helping hand to employees, HR teams are grappling with policies regarding its use, including disclosure. Some companies have banned or restricted employees from the tech. Others are embracing the possibilities the tech can offer to employee productivity and see it as a tool to boost productivity. As HR teams develop company policies governing generative AI use, they need to consider whether employees need to come clean about the assist. “Over the next couple years, I think every single organization in every industry is going to have to come to a crossroads as to how their organization is really going to standardize…the use of generative AI…depending on the type of work they do for their clients,” Christie Lindor, Bentley University professor and CEO of DE&I firm Tessi Consulting, said. “One of the biggest questions is around, ‘Should I disclose or not disclose?’” Lindor helps companies assess AI use, making sure it’s aligned with their DE&I strategies, and she said how she advises companies on disclosure is “industry dependent.”

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