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What you’d spend to prevent climate change and what you could get with your money “As the country burns and temperatures rise, climate change is once again at the forefront of our national consciousness. It’s a problem that seems intractable, and has dogged politics for decades. More than 54,000 Australians took part in the nationally representative Australia Talks National Survey, and the number one thing they said was keeping them up at night was climate change. When we asked how much more they’d be personally willing to spend to help prevent climate change, the numbers varied. Some people wouldn’t spend anything more (21 per cent) and some were happy to spend thousands (9 per cent) — but most of us sit somewhere in the middle. On average, we’re willing to chip in at least $200 each year. To halt climate change we’d need to make some major changes to the way the world works, so would an extra couple of hundred dollars a year even make a difference? It may not sound like much, but even if we take the bare minimum Australians told us they’d be willing to spend, it’d add up to just over $4 billion a year….”

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