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What Is Usenet, How Do You Use It, and What Is an NZB File?

Ars Technica: “Usenet has been around for a while; the first version was released in 1979 and was primarily used for transferring information. Also known as Unix Users Network, Usenet had the potential to be the modern internet as we know it. Today, Usenet has evolved considerably and is used for very different purposes than originally intended. It’s slowly decreasing in usership, but a dedicated community of users still use it. But many people today have never heard of Usenet and don’t know about its role in internet history—it’s time to change that now..Usenet…holds more than 30,000 petabytes of data, mainly articles, images, announcements, and emails. The articles found on Usenet are classified into different categories, known as newsgroups. It’s somewhat similar to conventional online discussion platforms like Reddit, with discussions appearing as threads…”

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