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Washington DC City Paper – The People Issue 2021

“Narrowing down the list of people to include in this issue is never easy, but this year the process was particularly tough, spanning multiple hours and multiple meetings. Was it because Washingtonians have suddenly become more interesting and taken on new, compelling challenges? Was it because we’ve paid more attention to those around us as the coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve and we stay closer to home? Or are all of us more eager to pick up on our neighbors’ energy and excitement during a decidedly dark time? Why we found so many compelling candidates is ultimately less interesting than the individuals you’ll meet in this package. Some have lived in D.C. for their entire lives and others arrived in the District to attend college or take on new jobs. Some lead high-profile projects or teams, and some guide smaller groups in their communities. Examined together, these 14 people—captured in color by the inimitable Darrow Montgomery—reflect D.C. in its current moment. Let them tell you why they’re committed to this place we all call home…” Highlighting one of the People:

Librarian Michele Casto may be the co-founder of the D.C. Punk Archive, but she gives special thanks to librarians Maggie Gilmore and Bobbie Dougherty, as well as James [June] Schneider, who is known for his documentary Punk the Capital, along with many others who worked toward establishing the archive. Casto is the go-to person for any questions regarding the archive, thanks to her role in the Washingtoniana Collection at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library. She has been a D.C. resident and a DCPL employee for 20 years…”

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