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United States EV Fast-Charging Corridor Road Map

February 2023 United States EV Fast-Charging Corridor Road Map. A full-coverage future for long-distance electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Analysis & Design. Elizabeth Abramson Research Analyst and Design Specialist, Carbon Solutions LLC; Road Map Architecture, Dane McFarlane, Director of Climate and Policy, Carbon Solutions LLC. Prepared for the Great Plains Institute

“This analysis identified 509 public, non-Tesla charging stations that are NEVI-compliant (i.e., corridor-ready charging stations). It recommends adding 1,084 strategically placed charging stations to complete the first phase of the national fast-charging network along designated EV Alternative Fuel Corridors. Remaining interstate highways not currently designated as Alternative Fuel Corridors could be built out with 20 additional recommended charging stations. The new charging stations recommended in this road map represent a minimum NEVI-compliant network. Future rounds of investment increasing network redundancy and expanding charging infrastructure in areas with high traffic intensity would be critical next steps in building out a robust national charging network..”

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