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Unbundled Legal Services in the New Normal

Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System (IAALS) – Unbundled Legal Services in the New NormalClick here to read and download. – “A lawyer providing unbundled legal services works with clients only on certain legal tasks instead of taking on the entire case, based on what the clients can afford and need help with the most. While this model has increased in popularity over the years, there continue to exist several challenges with its implementation. This report details the key discussion points from the Unbundled Legal Services in the New Normal conference, focusing on how the pandemic helped normalize digitization and the use of technology for legal service providers generally—and how to further advance unbundled legal services nationwide.”

Unbundling Resource Center: The collaboration of stakeholders and thoughtful strategic planning is vital to increasing the use of unbundled legal services. These resources highlight areas for potential collaboration among stakeholders in the system as well as tailored strategic plans for increasing the visibility, adoption, and use of unbundling, with plans available for jurisdictions is different stages of implementation…”

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