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Tree Equity Score

“A map of tree cover in any city in the United States is too often a map of race and income. This is unacceptable. Trees are critical infrastructure that every person in every neighborhood deserves. Trees can help address damaging environmental inequities like air pollution. The score evaluates data from each neighborhood’s: Existing tree canopy; Population density; Income; Employment; Surface temperature; Race; Age; Health. These metrics are combined into a single score between 0 and 100. A score of 100 means that a neighborhood has achieved Tree Equity. To learn more, visit our methodology page…” American Forests has developed the Tree Equity Score Analyzer (TESA) for cities and states that want to dive deep into decision-making around Tree Equity Scores. Features:

  • Explore municipalities, city parcels, and more.
  • Dive deep with environmental, climate, demographic, and health data.
  • Build, save, and share custom tree planting scenarios.
  • Draw your own custom site boundaries.
  • Learn more

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