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Top EU Tech Regulator – Twitter to Face Stress Test This Month

WSJ [free link to article]: “European Union regulators plan to subject Twitter to a stress test to determine how well it complies with Europe’s new digital-content law, a top EU tech regulator said, ramping up the bloc’s preparations for enforcing the West’s most far-reaching digital-content law. A team of roughly five to 10 digital specialists from the EU plan to put Twitter, and possibly other companies, through their content-policing paces during a visit to San Francisco in late June, Thierry Breton, the bloc’s commissioner for the internal market, said in an interview. The test is voluntary, he said, and Twitter has agreed to be subjected to it. It won’t carry any fines or other enforcement consequences. It will offer companies a dry run for how the EU’s Digital Services Act, or DSA, will be enforced. Twitter officials in Europe and the U.S. didn’t respond to requests for comment. Twitter owner Elon Musk has said the company plans to comply with the EU law. The law takes effect in late summer, empowering European regulators led by Breton to levy a maximum penalty of 6% of a company’s annual revenue in case of violations. The EU has the power to block a service in the case of certain repeated infringements…”

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