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This Zoom alternative makes video calls more informal—and maybe even wacky

Fast Company: “Mmhmm, a startup that launched during the coronavirus pandemic to make presenting in Zoom and other videoconferencing services less boring, is now launching its own platform for video discussions. Called OOO—pronounced like “ooh!” but also a reference to being out of the office—the new tool accessible in a web browser and on mobile devices is designed to replace Zoom and its rivals with a more engaging environment. In a recent demo, Steven Melendez met with Mmhmm cofounder and CEO Phil Libin in OOO, with videos of our upper bodies interposed on changeable backgrounds. Those backdrops included an 8-bit video game-style side-scrolling world, a crackling bonfire, a tranquil coffee shop with soothing music, the classic DVD bouncing logo screen saver with our faces replacing the DVD logo, and even my own living room…”

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