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This Site Can Tell You If Anyone Else Has Taken Pictures With Your Camera

Lifehacker: “The frustration and despair of losing your camera (or, god forbid, having one stolen) is legendary, even in era of the smartphone camera. Just think: losing both a piece of expensive gear and the priceless digital mementos of your trip to Yonkers. But after you’ve shaken your fist at the heavens and retraced your steps, is there anything else you can do? Maybe. This website provides an avenue for investigation, and offers a sliver of hope. It’s a tiny sliver of hope to be sure, but it’s better than no hope at all. It works like this: You upload a picture taken with the missing camera to, which then uses the camera’s serial number (saved in the photo’s EXIF data) to crawls the internet in search of other photos taken with that same camera. If it finds a match, you may have a lead on where your camera ended up. From there, you can try to track down and contact the “new owner” via email to request your camera’s return, file a report with the authorities, or devote your life to hunting the thief yourself, John Wick style…”

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