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This climate does not exist is an AI-driven experience based on empathy, allowing users to imagine and vizualize the environmental impacts of the current climate crisis, one address at a time.

  • Climate change does not impact everyone equally. For the planet to tackle the climate crisis, we all need to act as though our homes were directly affected.
  • We have harnessed AI to build a tool that lets you imagine the impact of the climate crisis we face, one address at a time.
  • Perhaps you have experienced the odd heatwave or the occasional spring flood, but some of us live through these extreme weather events all too often. That is because climate change does not affect everyone at the same time or on the same scale. It takes different forms depending on where we live.All over the world, people are losing their homes to wildfires and being impacted by floods, as well as suffering the effects of air pollution on their health. The following experience provides a window into the far-reaching ways climate change affects the lives of millions of people worldwide, except that this window overlooks your street and the places you hold dear…”

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