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Think Hybrid Work Doesn’t Work? The Data Disagrees

Gartner: “If you don’t think hybrid work models work, you’re probably still fixating on location. For more success, pivot to focus on being more human-centric. As economic conditions sour, you may be tempted to take back more control over work — for example, by mandating a rigid return to the office. Our data shows that would be a big mistake. We surveyed more than 400 employees and leaders of organizations around the world who have worked consistently under some kind of hybrid-work model since the pandemic. Most of those work models delivered below-average outcomes. But one is wildly successful. Our findings show that the failing models are all location-centric, attaching some kind of rigid on-site requirement. Only one model scored above average — “hybrid-flexible,” which offers leaders and employees some flexibility to choose where they work from. More successful still is a hybrid-flexible model that incorporates other key elements of human-centric work design — that is location flexibility plus the practices of  intentional collaboration and empathy-based management.  You can’t just port over your work and management approaches from an on-site environment and expect them to work in a hybrid world, but if you transition successfully to a human-centric hybrid approach, our data shows you can clearly foil flight and power performance among employees…”

See also The Verge – Remote work is here to stay. So why is everyone still getting it so wrong? Hybrid work plans that miss the point will never achieve what they set out to do.

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