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These file types are the ones most commonly used by hackers to hide their malware

ZDNET: “…ZIP and RAR files have overtaken Office documents as the file most commonly used by cyber criminals to deliver malware, according to an analysis of real-world cyber attacks and data collected from millions of PCs.  The research, based on customer data by HP Wolf Security, found in the period between July and September this year, 42% of attempts at delivering malware attacks used archive file formats, including ZIP and RAR. That means cyber attacks attempting to exploit ZIP and RAR formats are more common than those which attempt to deliver malware using Microsoft Office documents like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel files, which have long been the preferred method of luring victims into downloading malware. According to researchers, this marks the first time in over three years that archive files have surpassed Microsoft Office files as the most common means of delivering malware…”

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