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These 4 Gmail speed boosters let you fly through your inbox

FastCompany: “In the life of a Very Busy Person, every saved second can seem like an eternity. It may sound silly, but if you find yourself running out of minutes in the day as often as I do, you probably know what I mean. Shaving seconds off time-consuming tasks can stack up fast, and there are few places more ripe for such step-slashing sorcery than your dusty old Gmail inbox. And here’s a little secret: With a handful of smart adjustments to your emailing habits, you can reclaim not only seconds but entire minutes of your day that are typically devoted to mind-numbing, meaningless email-oriented tasks. And you don’t even need a $30-a-month add-on to do it. Follow this guide to streamlining standard Gmail processes, and get ready to marvel at how quickly all of those saved seconds add up…”

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