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The State of the American Vacation – or the lack thereof

Project Time Off – The State of the American Vacation 2017: “By forfeiting 206 million vacation days, Americans gave up $66.4 billion in 2016 benefits alone…taking time off continues to be a challenge in America’s always-on work culture. American workers hold fast to the belief that the path to career success requires sacrificing vacation and embracing work martyrdom. But the data is unmistakably clear: planning for and taking time off benefits individual well-being and professional success, business performance, and the broader economy. America’s work culture has a long way to go to rewire its thinking. But for the first time in many years, there is reason to believe that change is possible. If it happens, 2016 may be the year that American work culture began to change…”

Quartz – “Almost 60% of US workers who don’t take their allotted vacation say they fear the amount of work they’ll have to return to, according to the survey of 7,331 working Americans. Others (47%) say they stay put because they believe no one else can do their job, or because they want to impress their bosses with their dedication (36%)…”

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