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The State of Scholarly Metadata: 2023

‘In late 2022, CCC and Media Growth Strategies undertook a thorough examination of metadata management across the research lifecycle. This in-depth review builds on an existing body of work to uncover multiple policy and system complexities and breakages, which – separately and together – create missed opportunities for the communities for whom Open Access (OA) and Open Science models are designed to serve. CCC is sharing this analysis with the scholarly communications community to spark dialogue and to drive action. Drawn directly from our research interviews, this living infographic depicts the significant economic and social impact that a fragmented metadata supply chain has today on researchers, institutions, funders, and publishers. Researchers, in particular, shoulder a significant administrative burden that ultimately disrupts and delays the process of scientific discovery. As the scholarly communications community continues its shift to full OA, stakeholders recognize that new strategies, inclusive policies, and a robust network of interoperable data and systems are essential for making critical infrastructure improvements, and much progress is underway. In that environment, a dedication to data stewardship across each stakeholder group, and the service providers supporting them, will lead not only to a smoother OA transition, but also to greater research integrity; data sharing; reliable, trustworthy metrics on research impact; and a responsive, equitable rewards and recognition system.”

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