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The Socio-Economic Argument for the Human Right to Internet Access

The Socio-Economic Argument for the Human Right to Internet Access, Politics Philosophy & Economics (2023). DOI: 10.1177/1470594X231167597 “People around the globe are so dependent on the internet to exercise socioeconomic human rights such as education, health care, work, and housing that online access must now be considered a basic human right, a new study reveals. Particularly in developing countries, internet access can make the difference between people receiving an education, staying healthy, finding a home, and securing employment—or not. Even if people have offline opportunities, such as accessing social security schemes or finding housing, they are at a comparative disadvantage to those with Internet access. Publishing his findings today in Politics, Philosophy & Economics, Dr. Merten Reglitz, Lecturer in Global Ethics at the University of Birmingham, calls for a standalone human right to internet access—based on it being a practical necessity for a range of socioeconomic human rights.”

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