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The complex shape of terrorism with its ideological vertices, illustrated through data.

“Terrorism is the consequence of some groups’ activities originated from the violent radicalization of different mindsets. It is a complex phenomenon and in the 90s the “Declaration on Joint Action to Counter Terrorism” of the ONU General Assembly recognised it as a global threat to peace and international safety. There are three core sources that could be identified as triggers of a plurality of ideologies: religious,political and ethnic. In order to analyse the primary version of terrorism, the one provided by data, we merged together two different datasets from START consortium: the GTD and BAAD2. We selected 120 terroristic groups and analysed their activities throughout 18 years – from 1998 to 2015 – in order to display a clear picture of the terrorist attacks evolution over time and by the sources…”

About the article author – Giulia Zerbini is a Communication Designer, based in Milan and Boston, as well as a Master Candidate at Politecnico di Milano and Visiting Researcher at Harvard University. Passionate about using visualizations for discovering patterns in data and communicating information in intuitive terms to a broad audience. Background in Ux/Ui and Graphic Design. Illustrator in spare time. Website here. About the project authors This is a team project created by Francesco Cosmai, Giacomo Flaim, Francesco Giudice, Barbara Nardella and Giulia Zerbini as part of a capstone Master project at Politecnico di Milano, supervised by Density Design Lab. Professors: Paolo Ciuccarelli, Marco Fattore, Stefano Mandato, Michele Mauri, Salvatore Zingale. Teaching Assistants: Angeles Briones, Tommaso Elli, Michele Invernizzi, Azzurra Pini.”

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