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The Best Places to Find Library Jobs

I preface this BookRiot article with my recommendation for the very best way to find Library Jobs in all sectors – INALJ The nexus of information professionals and information potential / Library and LIS jobs [Many thanks to the indefatigable Naomi House]

BookRiot: Ashlie Swicker The search for library jobs is a complicated but alluring endeavor. The profession itself is often romanticized and misunderstood. Outdated perceptions and difficult certification processes mean that would-be librarians are often working very hard towards their goals while fielding condescending comments about how nice it must be to get paid to read all day. Despite this, library jobs are purportedly in high demand. Where does a professional even start? Below, I’ve gathered some information that will help highly certified candidates and curious novices alike begin to search for the library jobs of their dreams…”

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