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The Best and Weirdest Work From Home Gear

Gizmodo – “If your WFH setup needs a facelift, you should check out this tech that let’s you take your gear into every room of the house. Do you never want to go back into the office again? We created a list that would make anybody’s work-from-home setup so ergonomic, comfortable, and so convenient it will make you want to avoid ever stepping into an office again. Those currently in an office can instead stare at this list with a burning jealousy. There are a fair few ways to modernize your desk setup with new monitors or stands to make your desk the best spot in your house to work. In our estimation, nowadays, the best WFH gear allows a fair bit of flexibility. Sometimes, you need to take your work out of the makeshift office from your old guest room and into the living room for when your kid is acting up. Even when you’re at your desk whittling away the hours, you still want to keep a little active, whether that’s simply standing at your desk or keeping fully mobile. We should also be clear this is by no means a “budget” buyer’s guide by any stretch of the imagination. Much of this gear is expensive, and furthermore, it might not fit within your current lifestyle. If anything, it might serve as inspiration for folks trying to uproot their at-home setup and become an everywhere worker, all without having to give up any of the amenities of a primetime keyboard and mouse or even a multi-screen experience. What isn’t included on this list is the best laptops or tablets you could buy now, but we have separate lists for those you should check out first if you want to revamp your entire home into the ultimate WFH palace.”

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