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The 2021/2022 Human Development Report

UN – Human Development Report – Uncertain times, unsettled lives – Shaping our future in a transforming world – “The global Human Development Index value has declined two years in a row, erasing the gains of the preceding five years…How to understand and navigate today’s uncertainty complex— driven by the Anthropocene, by purposeful societal transformation and by intensifying polarization is the topic of this year’s Human Development Report. Much attention over the past decade has been rightly paid to inequalities. Indeed, inequalities and their emerging dimensions were the focus of the 2019 Human Development Report, carried forward into the following year’s Report on the socioecological pressures of the Anthropocene. The variations in opportunity and outcome among and within nations also happen within people’s lives, giving rise to more and new forms of insecurity, which were explored in the United Nations Development Programme’s Special Report on Human Security earlier this year. The 2021/2022 Human Development Report unites and extends these discussions under the theme of uncertainty—how it is changing, what it means for human development and how we can thrive in the face of it…”

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