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That customer service number? It could be a scam.

Washington Post: “…Get customer service numbers from official websites.

  • Treat every phone number like a potential scam risk. Even if the number came from an official-looking email or text, verify it by checking it against the contact number listed on the company’s website before you call.
  • Type in phone numbers rather than clicking links – Online links can whisk you anywhere a bad actor wants you to go. Rather than rely on “call” buttons, find official customer service numbers and type them into your phone manually, advised Jérôme Segura, senior director of threat intelligence at cybersecurity company Malwarebytes. Double check that you typed it in correctly before you connect, since many scammers set up phone numbers one digit off from common help lines and then rely on “fat fingering,” or lazy typing, to bring in victims, Segura said…”

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