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Supreme Court to Continue Live Audio Streaming of Arguments Through Fall

EPIC: “The U.S. Supreme Court announced Wednesday that it will continue streaming live audio of its oral arguments at least through December of this year. The justices will also resume holding arguments in person, though the Court building will remain closed to the public. The Court’s announcement came the same day that EPIC and a coalition of over 75 civil society, transparency, media, and disability rights organizations wrote to the Court urging it to make live audio access to oral arguments permanent. The letter emphasized that “[f]air and equal justice can’t be delivered without accountability and transparency. Ensuring that live audio of oral arguments remains accessible to the public . . . would promote transparency and increase public confidence in the nation’s highest court.” At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Court began streaming live audio feed oral arguments for the first time in its history. More than 130,000 people streamed arguments live during the Court’s May 2020 sitting, and oral arguments since the beginning of the pandemic have been streamed nearly three million times. During its last term, the Court held oral arguments by teleconference in four cases in which EPIC filed an amicus brief, including U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service v. Sierra Club, Van Buren v. United States, Facebook v. Duguid, and TransUnion v. Ramirez.”

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