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Special Flood Hazard Area and Fill Interim Report

Technical Mapping Advisory Council – FEMA: “TMAC 2023 -Special Flood Hazard Area and Fill Interim Report. “There is general agreement that changes in our Nation’s land surface and climate, due to both human and natural causes, are resulting in increased flooding and damage. The best way to combat both the current and future threat of flooding is to embed consideration of these events into routine land use and design practices. The American Society of Civil Engineers has already started to address this challenge through its publication of ASCE 24-14 and ASCE 7-22 Supplement 2. Additionally, currently 20 states have adopted standards above the federal minimum National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) participation requirements to avoid flood risks going forward. FEMA estimates over 80% of its 22,600 NFIP participating communities are also deploying higher standards as a result of state and local leadership in this area. Several members of the Technical Mapping Advisory Council (TMAC) who are in roles of responsibility for floodplain management and stormwater management have also promoted or implemented higher standards when it comes to managing flood risk. By adapting now, these leaders are paving new practical paths for increasing resilience to flooding and their communities stand to benefit greatly from their actions and long-term thinking. There are many, however, who lack the capacity, capability, or political support necessary to act in the face of these challenges. As a leader in flood risk and emergency management, FEMA is in a unique position to help struggling communities by better equipping them to handle the challenges…There are three overarching objectives being sought with these recommendations:
1. Reduce the number of uninsured losses;
2. Reduce future flood losses compared to maintaining the status quo; and
3. Improve transparency around the potential impacts of climate change and proposed development may have on flood risks to people, property, and the environment…”

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