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Some animal welfare data removed from USDA site is restored

Follow up to previous postings – Animal welfare information wiped from USDA website – today via The Hill – USDA reposts some animal welfare records after outcry: “The Department of Agriculture on Friday  February 17, 2017] reposted some of the animal welfare records it had removed from its website, after outcry from animal rights groups when the material was taken down. The documents that were removed earlier this month included records of animal welfare violations at zoos, commercial breeders and research labs. USDA claimed it removed the records as part of a comprehensive review to balance the need for transparency with rules that protect individual privacy. In a statement Friday, the agency said it reposted the first batch of annual reports of research institutions and inspection reports for certain federal research facilities…”

  • See also via Sen. Schumer (NY) news release – After More Than a Decade of Providing the Public With Access to Animal Welfare Records, the USDA Suddenly Pressed ‘Delete’ On Its Online Database, Which Includes Info on Whether Animals Are Being Treated Humanely At Facilities Across the Country. Following USDA’s Decision, Schumer Says USDA Must Re-establish Transparency & Help Deter Future Animal Welfare Violations. Animal Advocates Should Not Have To Play Tug Of War On Transparency With New Administration’s USDA….

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