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Reporting COVID-19 Vaccinations in the United States

CDC’s COVID Data Tracker provides COVID-19 vaccination data in the United States. Please visit the About COVID-19 Vaccine Delivered and Administration Data to better understand the IT systems behind the COVID-19 Data Tracker…CDC COVID Tracker publicly displays federal agency data individually by agency and incorporates federal agency vaccination data into national and jurisdictional progress metrics.

  • Federal agency data are included as part of the national total for each metric presented. These data exclude the Department of State.
  • Federal agency data are presented in aggregate by agency in call-out boxes in the COVID-19 Vaccine Data Tracker. To avoid duplicate counts, the data in the agency call-out boxes should not be combined with other data.
  • Federal agency data are also included, without agency affiliation, as part of jurisdiction, state, or territory aggregate metrics.
  • When a federal agency has agreed to provide the denominator representing the population served by the agency, the rate per 100,000 is calculated. When the denominator data are not available, the rate per 100,000 is not included…”

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