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Report: Social Networking in Government: Opportunities & Challenges

Report: Social Networking in Government: Opportunities & Challenges, Human Capital Institute, January 2010

  • Social networking (SN) has become the new online rage. Blogs, wikis, RSS feeds and social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have provided creative ways to recruit, engage, connect and retain employees. They have also provided an opportunity to facilitate strategic knowledge sharing across organizations and government agencies. Most SN tools are Web-based and provide a variety of ways for users who share interests and/or activities to interact. Users can share best practices and build communities of practice. These tools provide email and instant messaging services — constant connectivity. SN tools can help with the current challenges facing today’s government agencies such as brain drain from a retiring workforce, the need to create inter-agency knowledge sharing and an increased need to imbed talent tools where the work is getting done.”
  • “Sixty-six (66) percent of government workplaces use some type of SN tool — and sixty-five (65) percent of those are using more than one tool.”
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