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Release of World’s First Internet & Jurisdiction Global Status Report

“The Secretariat of the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network launched the world’s first Internet & Jurisdiction Global Status Report at the United Nations Internet Governance Forum on November 27, 2019, during a Special Session. It presents a first-of-its-kind mapping of internet jurisdiction related policy trends, actors and initiatives. The pioneering Internet & Jurisdiction Global Status Report 2019 is a new resource for policy makers and shapers to enable evidence-based policy innovation. It exposes a dangerous spiral of uncoordinated policy making. At a time when the world has never been so interconnected, reactive and quick-fix, unilateral regulatory initiatives proliferate to tackle new digital challenges. This legal arms race is threatening the future of the cross-border internet, unless actors actively coordinate.”


  • 79% of surveyed stakeholders consider that there is insufficient international coordination and coherence to address cross-border legal challenges on the internet.
  • 95% of them agree that cross-border legal challenges on the internet will become increasingly acute in the next three years.
  • Only 15% of them believe that we already have the right institutions to address these challenges. 

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