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Regulating AI

Gizmodo: “What Would AI Regulation Look Like? How could Congress corral artificial intelligence? Erect guardrails, ensure accountability, and address monopolistic power.

  • A new federal agency to regulate AI sounds helpful but could become unduly influenced by the tech industry. Instead, Congress can legislate accountability.
  • Instead of licensing companies to release advanced AI technologies, the government could license auditors and push for companies to set up institutional review boards.
  • The government hasn’t had great success in curbing technology monopolies, but disclosure requirements and data privacy laws could help check corporate power…”

Gizmodo: Treat AI Like a Biological Weapon, Not a Nuclear One. Despite comparisons of artificial intelligence to nuclear bombs, the US approach to regulating bioweapons and biotechnology is better-suited to AI…This landscape of rapidly escalating AI risks led 1800 CEOs and 1500 professors to recently sign a letter calling for a six-month pause on developing even more powerful AI and urgently embark on the process of regulation and risk mitigation. This pause would give the global community time to reduce the harms already caused by AI and to avert potentially catastrophic and irreversible impacts on our society.As we work towards a risk assessment of AI’s potential harms, the loss of positive potential should be included in the calculus. If we take steps now to develop AI responsibly, we could realize incredible benefits from the technology…”

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