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Rebound in Confidence: American Democracy and the 2022 Midterm Elections

Bright Line Watch November 2022 surveys – “The November 2022 midterm elections narrowly returned the United States to divided government. From the perspective of American democracy, the most noteworthy result was the under performance of election denier candidates allied with former President Trump and their acceptance of the results (with only one prominent exception – Kari Lake in Arizona). To understand the outcome of the election and its effects on perceptions of democracy in the United States, we fielded parallel surveys of 707 political scientists and a representative sample of 2750 Americans from November 22-December 2, 2022. These data were collected after it became clear which party would control the House and Senate but while votes were still being counted in most states and with some House contests still unresolved. This timing was chosen to allow us to compare the post-election results with our pre-election survey, which was conducted October 5–14, 2022. (81% of public respondents from that survey took this one as well, allowing us to see how views changed over time for those individuals.)”

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