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Public Libraries Are Under Attack. Here’s How You Can Help

Harpers Bazaar – “Former librarian Angie Manfredi on the freedom to read and what you can do to support your local libraries from encroaching censorship…Nationwide, public and school librarians, along with teachers, have been under constant siege from this tide of complaints and objections, often from people who have never read the books they are upset about or who are deliberately picking out-of-context passages. Librarians and educators who have not received formal challenges are aware they could come at any time and face other kinds of indirect harassment, from angry emails to books that “go missing” from shelves. The fact is, it’s an incredibly draining and hostile time to be working in an education field and in public libraries. Teachers and librarians, exhausted from often working public-facing positions during the pandemic, have watched as backlash against sensible public health measures like masks and vaccines have mutated into full-on attacks on their professionalism and their collections, which have been curated for all children…”

See alsoAmerican Dystopia: Arresting Librarians For the Books on the Shelves. “Proposed censorship measures in several US states could lead to librarians facing criminal charges as a result of their commitment to free speech and access to library materials.”

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