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Pinterest whistleblower launches resources to help tech employees speak out

Fast Company: “One day after the testimony of Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen, a group of civic organizations led by another well-known whistleblower—Ifeoma Ozoma, who spoke out about her employer, Pinterest, in 2020—is launching a new website that might help other tech employees come forward to speak about wrongdoing within their companies. As was made clear by Frances Haugen’s story, whistleblowers are usually the main reason governments learn anything about the inner workings of tech companies, which can be insular and secretive. But tech employees who decide to speak out to the media or a government agency face the prospect of losing both their job and prospects for future employment in the industry. They’re often bound by non-disclosure agreements that are commonly written in such legally broad language that they effectively silence employees from sharing any information about their company even after they’ve left the job…”

The Tech Worker Handbook is a collection of resources for tech workers who are looking to make more informed decisions about whether to speak out on issues that are in the public interest. Aiming to improve working conditions, direct attention to consumer harms, or otherwise address wrongdoing and abuse should not be a solo or poorly resourced endeavor…The site contains legal, security, and media guides supplied by Ifeoma Ozoma and a group of whistleblower support organizations…

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