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OpenCorporates unifies official company data from all 50 US States

Press Release: “OpenCorporates, the world’s definitive source for company data, has made transparent company data from all 50 US States plus the District of Columbia available to all. Information on nearly 100 million companies registered in the US, and over 190 million company officers, has been collected from each State’s official company register, unified and made available with clear traceability to its original source – so it can better solve a range of entity verification, analytics and data management challenges. This overcomes the longstanding problem where this critical data was siloed in 51 inconsistent company registers, which makes it difficult for anybody to know who they’re in business with or to analyse the US company universe as a whole. Illinois company information was most recently added to OpenCorporates, following the State passing legislation to make its company information available as open data – a move OpenCorporates and its civil-society allies advocated for. For most States, information about newly incorporated companies is added to OpenCorporates within a week of it appearing in the State registry, and often it’s even sooner. Sarah Arana-Morton, CEO of OpenCorporates, said: “Unifying the company universe across all 50 US States is a significant step forwards in OpenCorporates’ mission to deliver genuine corporate transparency. US federal government agencies, financial services firms and hundreds of other organisations already rely on OpenCorporates data – and this will only extend our leadership in the emerging transparent company data market”. As part of its mission, OpenCorporates makes all its information available as open data on its website, which is why millions of users visit it every month. API and Bulk Data access is also provided at no cost to social good causes, which allowed The Miami Herald and Bloomberg News to expose alleged abuse of Covid business relief schemes, such as the Paycheck Protection Program.”

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