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Open Letter to Law School Deans about Privacy Law Education in Law Schools

Daniel Solove – Founder of TeachPrivacy: “Recently a group of legal academics and practitioners in the field of privacy law sent a letter to the deans of all U.S. law schools about privacy law education in law schools.  My own brief intro about this endeavor is here in italics, followed by the letter. The signatories to the letter have signed onto the letter, not this italicized intro. Although the field of privacy law grown dramatically in past two decades, education in law schools about privacy law has significantly lagged behind.  Most U.S. law schools lack a course on privacy law. Of those that have courses, many are small seminars, often taught by adjuncts.  Of the law schools that do have a privacy course, most often just have one course. Most schools lack a full-time faculty member who focuses substantially on privacy law.  This state of affairs is a great detriment to students. I am constantly approached by students and graduates from law schools across the country who are wondering how they can learn about privacy law and enter the field. Many express great disappointment at the lack of any courses, faculty, or activities at their schools. After years of hoping that the legal academy would wake up and respond, I came to the realization that this wasn’t going to happen on its own. The following letter [click here for the PDF version] aims to make deans aware of the privacy law field. I hope that the letter is met with action. If you are a law student who wants more privacy law opportunities, circulate this letter at your school and speak up. If you’re a faculty member who believes that your school should be doing more in this area, please recommend expanding faculty and curriculum in the field. Consider teaching a privacy law course yourself. If you’re a dean, a visionary thing that you can do is to direct attention and focus to this area: appoint faculty, expand curriculum, and help develop other activities and opportunities in this area.  The letter explains in greater detail the things than can be done.  If you act on these suggestions, it will be a tremendous benefit to your students…”

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