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NextGov – Who’s in Charge of Regulating the Internet of Things?

Via NextGov – “The “internet of things” refers to a group of technology so vast the term is beginning to lose meaning. The internet of things hints at a vision of a ubiquitous network of electronics: refrigerators pinging their owners’ smartphones if they’ve run out of eggs, wearable devices that can detect the tell-tale vibrations of nuclear testing, and cars slowing down based on proximity to other cars. The future of the internet of things is a rich web of sensors constantly amassing more data. Increasing interconnectivity might help consumers—who doesn’t want their washer-dryer to text them when their clothes are done?—but could also create new risks. The most granular data about individual consumers, down to their thermostat settings, might be available to hackers who can infiltrate the wireless networks that connect hundreds of devices, or even the devices themselves. As the cyber and physical worlds become intertwined, intruders could also control tangible objects—remotely turning off someone’s lights, or worse, disabling the power grid.  So, who governs the internet of things? Who ensures connected and self-driving cars don’t put their passengers in danger, that security cameras don’t relay video feeds of their users to third parties, or that data collected from billions of consumer devices can be used without compromising personal information?…”

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