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New search engine – – promises privacy

A new search engine, – is now in beta: FAQ – “ never sells your data to advertisers or follows you around the internet. gives you the option to choose between a customized search experience or an entirely private one. Our private mode offers the most private search experience of any search engine. In private mode, never stores your queries, preferences or locations. That also means that localized queries (such as “best restaurants near me”) won’t work. In private mode, we only save whether the service is used at all, in order to prevent attacks and misuses of our servers. In private mode, while we do have to send anonymized query data to Microsoft, Yelp, weather services, and other apps, these queries come from the IP address, so these partners won’t know who the query originated from. Even in standard mode, we strive to only store the minimal data to make your experience better…”

  • Results appear in tiled format with abstracted references, Web results, quick facts, scholarly papers, videos, news, maps, and social media. This site is visually horizontal in presentation of search results, rather than a vertical list which is the standard for most search engines. Give it a try. I located results for searches that did not appear using other search engines. The layout is a bit confusing, but can be visually appealing. Some web, image, video, or news results are powered by  Microsoft. When joining the Beta, username and password accounts can be created.
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