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New OPM federal diversity report shows little improvement

Washington Post: “If Uncle Sam is committed to increasing the level of racial, ethnic and gender diversity in his government, particularly at the highest levels of the civil service, you sure can’t tell it from the latest statistics. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) figures show diversity levels have improved little, stayed flat or, in some cases, regressed over the most recent period studied. “The percentage of minorities in the Senior Executive Service (SES) remained the same in FY 2016 as it was in FY 2015 at 21.2%,” according to the recently released Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program Report to Congress for fiscal year 2016, which was under the Obama administration. Women demonstrated the largest SES increase, with a 1 percentage-point bump to 35.3 percent, still far below their portion of the workforce. While there certainly have been advances since the first report, covering fiscal year 2001, the gap between white men in top positions and other groups has always been substantial. White males made up 36.1 percent of the nation’s civilian labor force in 2016…”

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