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New gov’t data continues to question safety of most US supermarket meat

“This week EWG crunched federal testing data from the Food and Drug Administration, and found that more than three-fourths of American supermarket meat is tainted with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, or superbugs. The report was a follow up to a 2013 EWG report, but not much has changed in the past five years. EWG also released a companion tool to the superbug report to help consumers understand claims and labels on meat packaging, such as “antibiotic free.” EWG’s Meat and Dairy Label Decoder allows users to select particular meat or dairy product to see what on-package labels are the most reliable. Speaking of food packaging, rules for the genetically modified foods, or GMO, disclosure law are taking shape. Certain GMO foods, such as highly refined sugars and oils will be exempt from disclosure if the Trump administration gets its way. EWG assessed our Food Scores database and found that over 10,000 products that likely contain GMO ingredients would be exempt from the disclosure requirements with this loophole…”

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